‘Don’t use spray on your windshield – use this instead to stop them fogging up all winter’

A YouTube creator has revealed the ultimate secret to keeping your car windows from fogging up in the winter.

A YouTube creator said he uses shaving cream to stop car windows from fogging up, as well as for other cleaning purposes.

User Tech Know How took to the social media platform to explain the step-by-step process that could help many car owners.

Standing in front of his car’s back door, the poster began: “Today, I’m going to show you something really cool. We’re going to take shaving cream and I’ll show you another use for it.

“So, this is a window. I’m going to treat half the window real quick. I’ve got a microfibre cloth right here, put a little bit of that on here – not a ton, a little bit right here.”

He then proceeded to wipe only half of the window in order to show the difference after he wipes it down.

The creator explained: “What it’s gonna do, it’s gonna make it so it doesn’t fog up like you would regularly see on the rest of the window.

“So, let me wipe it in there good. Get half the window right here and we’ll wipe it in there good. So it looks you can see, that I did it to just half of the window cleans it up.”

But that’s not all, the YouTube user explained that the shaving cream has additional uses for car lovers who like to keep their vehicle clean.

He continued: “Actually it also cleans up your vinyl too which is nice so it’s another little extra bonus there.”

The man then proceeded to blow hot air onto the window to show the difference between the side that had been wiped with shaving cream and the side that hadn’t.

In the caption, the man stressed: “The main point here is to use a little bit of shaving cream on a microfibre towel and rub it good into your windows.

“This treatment will make your car windows so they no longer fog up due to condensation, hot air, temperature extremes, etc…”

The creator concluded: “I used to work in the automotive industry (20 years experience) and we used shaving cream on cars in New York to keep the glass windshield and side windows from fogging up.”

Text taken from: https://www.express.co.uk