Couple says someone in passing car threw object at them, shattering windshield

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. (KDVR) — On Thursday night at around 9:30, a couple was driving from their home in Milliken to Johnstown when the unthinkable happened.

Christopher Gierach said they were traveling on U.S. Highway 60. They were the only car on the road for miles.

“At that time of night there’s not many cars going down that road,” Gierach said.

They were approaching County Road 19 when they saw another car heading their way.

“It was pitch black. I saw headlights, didn’t even think to look. We were just having a conversation about something,” Gierach remembered.

Then, seconds later, was a moment Gierach and his wife won’t soon forget.

“There’s a big old bang and glass was like flying into our faces and everything and she screamed and I was like, ‘Are you okay, are you okay’?”

Something large and heavy had hit their windshield.

“My first thought is something just like broke off or fell out of the back of a vehicle,” Gierach said.

He drove to Johnstown and pulled into the parking lot of a carwash where it was well lit and called the police.

“They essentially told us we were the third person it happened to that night and they think it was just like high school kids going out having fun driving around,” Gierach said.

In the meantime, he said he is thankful he and his wife only received minor injuries.

“The worst thing I have is this little spot here that was like a piece of glass sticking out of my hand that I pulled out, but other than that, that was it,” he said.

He added it could have ended much worse, and he is hoping whoever it was is caught so no one has a more dire outcome.

“I’m just worried about other people’s safety driving around there because we’re a little freaked out to drive at night too,” Gierach said. “I just hope that this gets out to the point where either someone comes forward to turn the people in who’s doing it or scares it to stop so we can just drive safely and peacefully at night.”

The Johnstown Police Department told FOX31 that it is investigating the incident.

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