5 Major Reasons For Windshield Damage

The windshield is among the most significant components of a vehicle. It is constantly in contact with harsh exterior conditions in order to ensure comfort and security for the passengers. It is only logical that it may incur damage due to various reasons. Therefore, a windshield crack or chip is quite common. High impact while driving, flying rocks, accidents are among the many reasons that may bring harm to the windshield. The following reasons cause windshield damage and warrant replacement or repair:

Improper Installation

A poorly installed windshield is most susceptible to damage at the slightest of impacts. Windshield installation is intricate work and misplacement can leave gaps resulting in higher rate of vibration. Apart from easily getting harmed, it poses threat to the passengers as it may break at any point in time. Consult professionals at the slightest hint of added vibration.

Fluctuating Temperatures

Rapid expansion and contraction due to alternating temperatures leave the glass fragile. Using the defroster and air-conditioner adds to the effect and can easily crack the car glass. Therefore, it is a good idea to park under the shade whenever possible to avoid the glass from being affected by high or low temperatures.


Road accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. Depending on the intensity of the accident, the car’s windshield can incur chips and cracks. It may even shatter during a high-intensity accident like a roll-over. Moreover, it is not unheard of when birds hit the car glass and it cracks on the spot.

Flying rocks or debris

Under-construction roads hold a bed of unaccounted little stones or pebbles that are thrown on towards the windscreen due to various reasons. The little pebbles get stuck in tyres of vehicles and hit the windscreen while driving. To avoid such situations, drive at a considerable distance from other vehicles at a lower speed whenever driving on unkempt or under-construction roads.

Low-Quality Glass

Modern car windshields are constructed to ensure maximum protection at all times. The additional polyvinyl butyral layer between two sheets of glass gives it added strength and prevents breakage due to impact. Low-quality glass or windshield might not provide equal strength and be hazardous to passengers. It is advisable to use windshields wrought by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) only.

Text taken from: https://www.windshieldexperts.com